helping businesses on the hilltop


Connecting Hilltop businesses, property owners, and the community to valuable resources, opportunities, and education.

Establishing safe & welcoming business corridors


Maintaining the rich economic diversity + inclusivity

Preserving affordable commercial real estate

What have you heard about The Hilltop?

The Hilltop is one of the oldest and largest urban neighborhoods in Columbus, full of history and opportunity. Yet if you only watch the news, we’re guessing you know the place we call home mostly for it’s negative perception and challenges …
But that’s not the full story.

Where others see challenges, we'll point to the opportunities.

  • Over 17,000 people¬†travel dailythrough two main corridors.
  • 230 businesses exist to serve a population that’s larger than that of Springfield and Youngstown.
  • Only 3 industries¬†show a retail surplus; all the rest have unmet demand.



4. empower

4. empower

4. empower

4. empower

Here's how we help The Hilltop businesses R.I.S.E.


The local community to businesses and customers

2. impact

The neighborhood in mindful & meaningful ways

3. strengthen

The ecosystem of businesses to support growth

4. empower

Business Owners on the Hilltop to prosper

featured resource

Empowering Business Series

A monthly webinar lunch & learn series for employers, investors, and entrepreneurs in The Greater Hilltop
  • Stay up to date with industry trends to grow and be competitive
  • Develop new skills to make your operations more successful
  • Improve your decision-making leading to better outcomes
  • Increase your credibility with customers, partners, and investors
  • Help your employees develop professionally

working on the hilltop,

for the hilltop

As a private, economic development corporation (CDC), we are committed to the mindful economic growth and development on The Hilltop.

We’ve been working on this for the past five years, and I can honestly say I’ve never been more hopeful for The Hilltop.


I’ve been a big believer in the Hilltop for a long time. There’s a wealth of assets on The Hilltop.

Cleve ricksecker

For the first time in a really long while, I actually feel optimistic that The Hilltop will begin to transform and eventually thrive again.

jennie keplar

it’s true! we’ve never been more hopeful for the hilltop!